Do You Face Windows 11 Common Issues as an Early Adopter?

Facing windows 11 common issues as an early adopter? this article will help you to solve those issues. Continue reading to explore more.

Windows 11 has officially launched. Although it brings a new design with a lot of new features. But, the early adopters are reporting several bugs and issues in Windows 11. Many of these issues have been sorted by Microsoft by providing updates. You should know what’s going wrong so that you encounter and deal with it.

In today’s topic, I will tell you Windows 11 common issues that you may or may not face during or after upgrading your system to Windows 11. So, let’s start without taking more time.

Complete list of Windows 11 common issues

Many early adopters have faced some problems during the upgradation of their system. Some features may be added or removed while upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. What are the Windows 11 common issues found during the installation of Windows 11, let’s see them in detail?

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Unable to download Windows 11

The very common issue is that the insider program couldn’t download the Windows 11 OS file. One of the first Windows 11 common issues encountered is restricting you from downloading the Windows 11 ISO file.

The reason behind this may be your device doesn’t fulfil the minimum requirements to install Windows 11 on your device. If you don’t know about the minimum requirements for installing Windows 11 then go and read our previous article on the minimum hardware recommended for Windows 11. During the launch event, Microsoft said that all the existing Windows 10 users will get the free Windows 11 upgradation, but they should meet the minimum hardware requirements to install the Windows 11 preview build.

Windows 11 common issues

Apart from this, people have discovered a bug that prevents to download of the Windows 11 ISO file due to the TPM module. Today’s modern CPU comes with TPM support. If you have an Intel CPU then, you need to change TPM. Also, you need to check PSP TPM for AMD in the BIOS. After that, run the health checker app of Microsoft to confirm the status. Next, it would allow you to install Windows 11.

Microsoft has released an update to fix this issue. After the upgradation of the settings app, restart your device. It is the official instruction to just reboot the device to apply the update. After that, your device should be ready to go.

There may be other reasons behind being unable to download Windows 11. Those are as follows.

✅ Windows 11 need 64GB of storage to install. You might be running low on space. So that, Windows 11 couldn’t be downloaded.

✅ If you are using Antivirus software on your devices, that might be the cause of the problem during the installation of Windows 11. Try to disable the anti-virus, which says it allows you to install Windows 11.

Unable to search in Start Menu

With the new Start Menu search bar, Windows 11 common issues included the prevention of typing in the search bar. Although there are other ways to search on Windows 11, it is annoying to change the common habit of all the previous OS over the new change.

Acknowledging the Windows 11 common issues, Microsoft has stated that the Windows 11 user can type in the search bar by opening the Run window. Click ‘Win+R’ on your keyboard and search for what you want. You can close when you have done or you want to do other work.

Windows 11 common issues

Simply opening and closing the RUN window seems to resolve the issue of the search box temporarily. But, it isn’t expectable. Microsoft should correct the bug officially by providing a patch, not giving such funky solutions. We need something more permanent than working currently.

File Explorer still looks like Windows 10

The thing, you are looking for after a new OS update, is seeing the updated design that differentiates its look from the previous one. But, here you might be disappointed with the upgradation of Windows 11. File Explorer looks similar to its previous version.

But, it is told that this is a skin replicated over the Windows 10 layout. Some of the users are acknowledging it as a default – don’t know why, but thankfully there is a simple fix available regarding these Windows 11 common issues.

You can see the ‘View’ option on the top of the File Explorer taskbar, click on it. Then, select ‘Options‘ on the right, and move straight to the next ‘View.’

Now, a list will flash in front of you. Search for the option ‘Launch‘ folder windows in a separate process and click on that. Make sure, the box should be unchecked which is next to it.

After that, click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes and restart your device. After powering on, you will see the redesigned “File Explorer” layout for Windows 11.

File Manager remains similar

Other Windows 11 common issues

Besides that, there are other small issues in different portions of the device. After the installation of Windows 11, many things changed and the user faced a few problems. Let’s see what the small Windows 11 common issues faced by the users.

1. Taskbar

The taskbar will not be shown on many monitors. It will return with the upcoming build update. Also, during Task View, the entire window cannot be displayed on the taskbar.

2. Settings

Settings will fail to launch sometimes when updating a device with multiple user accounts. The same thing might happen during upgrading to Windows 11. In the future, there will be a set of Settings legacy pages that helps you to fit and finish bugs. Also, you cannot see the ‘Power mode’ setting on the Power & battery page. A green flash may be shown while launching the Settings app. If you use ‘Quick Settings’ to modify ‘Accessibility settings’, then the UI may unable to select the state.

3. Windows 11 Start

You may not type on the search bar of the Task Bar as stated previously. A temporary solution is to press ‘Win + R’ on the keyboard to launch the Run window and search. But, it needs a strong solution that prevents unpinning of apps, making the command bar hide or disappear in File Explorer. Restart your PC to work around it.

4. Search

Sometimes App icons do not load on the Search panel and appeared as grey squares. Also, the recent searches may not load while hovering the mouse over the Search icon on the taskbar. The search Panel may not open even after clicking the Search icon taskbar. Restart the “Windows Explorer” and open it again. If this doesn’t work then, restart your device. It may resolve the issue.

Windows 11 common issues

5. Widgets

System Text Scaling will scale all widgets and results as cropped widgets. You cannot invoke apps from the widgets board by launching links. Sometimes, the screen reader and narrator in widgets may not read the content properly. Even, you may find the widgets board empty.

You can sign out and sign in back, as Outlook clients with a Microsoft account may not sync to the widgets. If you find the wrong-sized widgets on the monitor, then click ‘WIN+W’ to return to the previous size. After adding multiple widgets, some of them may not be visible.

6. Store

In the Microsoft Store, you may not find the install button in some limited scenarios. Also, ratings and reviews are not available or visible for some apps.

7. Slow Connectivity

Some people are experiencing poor Wi-Fi performance recently. It seems to be a slow internet connection while streaming movies, using VPNs and a normal internet browser. Using Intel Killer hardware affects people. Try to use an external USB Wi-Fi dongle to resolve it. Microsoft was aware of it and release a ‘Windows 11 cumulative update’ to fix the problem.


That’s all the Windows 11 common issues faced by the early adopters of Windows 11. It will help the upcoming Windows 11 user as there would be a solution for such issues. Microsoft has worked on Windows 11 to make it good and problem-free.

I hope you gather some information on Windows 11 common issues. If you are one of the early adopters then share your experience and let me know do you face such issues or not in the comment section.

Also, share this article among your friends circle to aware them of Windows 11 common issues if anyone of thinking of upgrading their system to Windows 11 from Windows 10. That’s all now, I will be back with another topic some another day. Till then stay safe.