Windows 11: Revealed All Rumours about Windows 11 Concept in 2021

After releasing Windows 10, it’s been five years that there is no update about Windows 11. There are many rumours about Windows 11 in the different sites and advertisements too. 

So, today I’m trying to reveal all the rumors about Windows 11. If you are also interested to know about Windows 11, then read the full content and comment your thoughts in the comments l box given below. Let’s start with our topic.

windows 11-concept

Shortly after launching Windows 10 in 2015, Jerry Nixon from Microsoft proclaimed that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows – means there might be no Windows 11. This announcement made many of the users shocked at that time but it considers a regular three-year update cycle of the company.

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Shortly after launching Windows 10 in 2015, Jerry Nixon from Microsoft proclaimed that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows – means there might be no Windows 11. This announcement made many of the users shocked at that time but it considers a regular three-year update cycle of the company.

The enormously negative reaction towards Windows 8 forced to bound Microsoft’s hand. But, few of the users truly expected that Windows 10 might be the last major release from Microsoft. In the last five years, it’s technically true that there is no Windows 11. Although the full story is untold.

Windows 11 Release Date:

Windows 10 was launched in summer of 2015. After that, there is rumours about Microsoft has started work on the next update – code named as Redstone. Redstone is expected to launch in 2016, but it didn’t. Now, everyone’s question is when Windows 11 will be released in a final and stable version?

As Microsoft has released the security patch update in November 2019, it can’t release Windows 11 in November, 2020. After the security updates, it was running fast – so there might be some minor problems. Due to stabilising all the working function in it, Windows 11 is expected to be delayed. With the new features, Windows 11 can be expected to launch in the last of 2021 as per rumours.

Windows as a service

Before, Windows users are used to go to the store for purchasing a copy of Windows. Then, they install that on their PCs. But, Microsoft has made changes in the way of Windows upgradation with the release of Windows 10.

First time ever Microsoft has decided to provide a free upgradation of Windows 10 to all users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Owners of Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 over-the-air through Windows Update at free of cost.

Microsoft has delivering continuously Windows as a service, providing frequent updates to Windows 10. Users can download Windows as well as its updates through different sources in new methods for getting quicker.

Microsoft Server also allows the users to download Windows and you can obtain updates from local and internet-connected PCs of already updated.

Windows 11 Features

Windows 11

With an always plentiful features, Windows 11 has delivered three helpers i.e. Device Manager, Task Manager and File Explorer compared to the older operating systems. Divece Manager helps you to fix driver problems. With the expansion of Device Manager, Windows can give command to show the work of ghost driver without any problems.

Microsoft has provided a graphics processor load analysis – Task Manager in Windows 11. File Manager used to show recently used folders and files at startup.

Over 8 million users have Windows 10 on their devices. Also, Microsoft is constantly modifying its operating system. With the November Update, it delivers numerous functions to enhance performance and security improvements. Some of the functions are for future summarizes as hidden newcomers.

Light surface:

With the ‘Light Theme’, the surface of the Microsoft operating system becomes lighter. Previously all white app icons are turned into black. Also, the contrast remains same. Only certain operating areas and selected apps would be changed in a light or dark design.

Tidy search:

The Cortana Voice assistant and search bar have been separated with this upgradation. So that, the both can be activated separately. Voice assistant will active while called.

Windows sandbox:

With Sandbox, Windows 10 can create a virtual environment where unknown software could run safely in both the Pro and Enterprise version at a push. It helps the users to try out the software safely whose origin or functions are unknown. All traces will be removed, once you close the app. Plus point is, the main system can’t be accessed by this software.


Biometric login for the web:

After update, Windows 10 supports recently adopted FIDO2 standard including Web Authn, and others. It allows the user to use biometric sensors to login on the web.

More silence:

The feature of Focus Assist hides notification on your requests to concentrate better on your work.

Brightness stays the same:

Manually configuration of brightness doesn’t affect the battery and main operation of Windows. However, operating system has tried to reduce the brightness and save the battery power as soon as it unplugged.

Cursor becomes colorful:

So far, the mouse cursor can be choose in terms of  different size levels and color between black and white. With the new Windows, you can not only change the size but also change the cursor in many different colors.

Less memory:

Depending upon the size of the disk, Windows 10 reserves near about 7GB of memory on the drive. Microsoft says, this 7GB of memory is used for critical Windows updates that need to be downloaded without effecting the performance.

Access to Linux files:

The user, uses the Windows Subsystem for Linux, will be able to access Linux files directly from File Explorer and other programs.

Touch keyboard becomes more precise:

For touch devices, the on-screen keyboard works precisely. If the key on the keyboard is not pressed correctly, then touch keyboard would react more precisely and quickly.

Is there a Microsoft Windows 11?

Windows next version might not be for sale. You would pay a fee to get the license on annual basis. But, there may be a Full version of Windows 11 for microcomputers and a Lite version for tablets, terminals, and minicomputers, and also a smartphone version too. Microsoft’s revenue will be surprisingly high when it launches. You would be shocked when you will know the number of pirated copies of Windows available across the globe.

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That’s not the priority for Microsoft as it turned a blind eye to activities like facilitate distribution and creating a market share. The Windows Universe will be numbered individually and required internet access to download and install it, then licensed. The licensed version of Windows locked up so tight that you can’t use it on more than one device at a time. Also, it delivers free updates or upgrades to licensed copies.

My point of view whether Windows 11 will launch or not:

  1. As Microsoft’s main business is not working on Windows updates, so the users have to wait for years to get Windows 11.
  2. Providing small updated models to Windows users is easier for Microsoft than keeping the support to Windows older versions.
  3. Although you have a licensed Window, if the hardware is gone, you have to buy new hardware and again pay for a license. With the new hardware, you need a new license. So, here also Microsoft will continue profiting. Microsoft is also looking towards the subscription pack model, such as Microsoft 365, Office 365. Here you will get the latest Windows and Office by paying yearly charges.
  4. They are planning to move Windows to the cloud soon. So, Windows will be free for all. You need to pay for the hardware in the cloud.

Reason behind not to release Windows 11

The main reason is that it isn’t much needed. As Microsoft is unable to complete their target to provide Windows 10 on one billion devices in three years. So, the company went back to their basics and returning users back the traditional desktop with the familiar Start Menu. This helps to get users back on side.

Although it was safe release in some ways, but it marked as a strategy change of Microsoft. With the subscription service of Office 365, Microsoft ditches their big releases. Instead of releasing new in every few years, it provides updates in every six months with new feature. Windows 10 user get numerous features with every May and November updates. Besides this, Microsoft has provides monthly security and patch updates. So, Windows 10 doesn’t getting older since from 2015 as for countless updates. Microsoft has stick with it for making it widespread popular.

According to StatCounter, there are more than 70% of Windows devices operated in Windows 10.  Around 54.7% of desktop devices have Windows 10 as their OS. If there were any negative reactions, like Windows 8, then Windows 11 would be launched by now. The operating system of Windows 10 is different than Microsoft 365. So it works like a device works, and you can update the system as long as the device runs with Windows 10.

Although there are countless videos about the concept of Windows 11 online, but Microsoft is trying to implement many features in Wjndows 10 without releasing a major new one. Now, Microsoft is focusing on optimization of  Windows 10 for dual-screen devices like Surface Neo.

Final thoughts on Windows 11

At last, I hope you have cleared up the rumors of the Windows 11 release. As Microsoft is trying to make their Windows 10 better and better with continuous updates and no such negative reviews against Windows 10, so there might be a couple of years in releasing Windows 11.

If you are using Windows 10 on your laptop or desktops with the updated version then let us know your experience in the comment section below. Also, you can make a comment if you have something to share, so that I can improve the facts.

FAQ About Windows 11

🤔 Will there be a Windows 11?

No, till now there is no Windows 11. Microsoft doesn’t have a separate team of programmers who works on Windows 11. Operating systems have to be written and before release it need to be beta tested. In the mean time Microsoft is doing to release updates for Windows 10 to make it upgrade on a continuous basis.

What I guess is that Microsoft is trying to upgrade their all user in Windows 10 to Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1. It is expected to bundle together of Windows 10 with Office 365 for many business users.

🤔 Does Windows 11 real?

Microsoft has providing two feature upgrades in a year. Also, it delivers monthly updates for security patch, bug fixes, and enhancements of Windows 10. In such a way Windows 10 will keep getting updated and trying to spread it to all the Windows user. Hence, Windows 11 is not real till now.