Windows 93 Secrets: Some Interesting Facts about Windows 93 in 20’s

Windows 93 is a web page created in 2015 with an in-built “Operating System” by a few of digital artists. Also, Windows enthusiasts in it from France. Jakenpopp and Zombectro are the two person who released the first version in October 2014 of this interactive project. The site runs as a virtual PC where you can run Windows 93, play  games inside the Windows 93.

It will be hard to describe the revolution of Windows step by step if you didn’t know about the jump from Windows 3.1 to Windows 93. In the era of multitasking, the in-built web browser with its assured taskbar put the information of the world at your fingertips. The “Start” menu, by its own complete 10 dollars million Rolling Stones song, and rendering the bits.

If Microsoft released the operating system Windows 3.1 and Windows 93, the experience is hard to explain in words. With plenty of retro homages, Windows 93 imagined in a parallel universe as a weird OS.

Did Windows 93 actually ever existed? Or was it called something else?

There were no Windows 93 from the first, but Windows 95 was the first version of Windows. The name was given in the name of the released year. If you want a version of Windows 93, released in 1993, then you can go with the following versions.

  1. Windows NT 3.1 released in July 1993. Later, it named Windows NT Workstation.
  2. Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1 released in July 1993.
  3. Windows for Workgroups 3.11 released in November 1993.
  4. Windows 3.2 released in November 1993.

What do you think ‘Windows 93’ refers to?

Although the first version of the interactive project by Jakenpopp and Zombectro in October 2014, Windows 93 was created by a couple of Windows enthusiasts and digital artists with an “Operating System” in 2015. You can run games and even a virtual PC in Windows 93. It’s a rebranded of Windows 95.

A developer, named as Felix Rieseberg at Slack decided to turn Windows 93 into an app. So that, it can be downloaded by anyone for their Windows, Mac, and Linux computer. The entire file of Operating System carried 129 MB. It works really well.

Windows 93 secrets

Windows 93 contains lots of secret. As much as you dig in it, you will getting surprised with Windows 93 secrets. You can access various sources across the web because of content creators like GameBoy emulators and pixel editors.

I spent an uncountable time giggling nostalgically until a beach ball of death suddenly showed up on the screen. Although it seems just like another joke of Windows 93, it was found later that Chrome has frozen and then crashed.

With a funky MIDI, the hard drive defragger is so tempting that you’ll be surprised to know why it wasn’t implemented at first. It might be as horrible as a sad “Virtual Girl” sit on your desktop and lays as a lifeless paper doll instead of stripping and flirting via 16-bit animation. Rendering ASCII codes, you can watch Star Wars videos on your desktop. The most five Windows 93 secrets are as follows.

Win93 tour simulator – There is a old win93TS of v1 in the folder named as programs in C drive. It still doesn’t work as only the selected character is working. Its neat to being there.

Delete system 32 – A gif will appear on the corner of the screen if you delete system 32 from A drive. A man will be showing beside the gif who is confused about your action. It still thinking why you deleted such most important files.

I have no idea what im doing – In the list of Windows 93 secrets, I found interesting facts by an accident. I was bored and went to a byte beat, then started typing random letters. Suddenly, a meme image with a dog typing on a laptop appeared on the screen with the text “I have no idea what im doing.” As I looked that I started to laugh so hard. Because I actually do the same thing like written in the meme, “I have no idea what im doing.”

The crazy error – It can’t be explained. Just try it by going to the Start Menu, then click on the Programs and open the Crazy.

The Trollbox – The Trollbox has words you type and send, after which something will happend. As for example,  typing ‘Roblox the screen will start spinning’, and ‘Discord will turn off windows 93’ will make as per written by you. If you type the ‘Defrag password in backdoor’, then you will get a message “Good guess”. By default Troll mode is on and due to this you will always loose on mine sweeper.

Dangerous Virus in Windows 93

There is a icon named as “Totally not a virus. Trust a dolphin.” Click on it for hearkening back to the old days when viruses were treated as pranks and told about stealing your data. That virus is becoming as devastating as the army clips will be showing up randomly.

There are two viruses that are very dangerous for Windows 93 as well as your system. The two viruses are as follows.


dereg32.exe virus

When dereg32.exe attacks your system a notification with losts of crosses arrives on the desktop screen. As much you cancel the notification the more cross sign appears in the screen. It ruins your system and creates trouble in working.


Hydra.exe windows 93 virus

When hydra.exe attacks your system a notification “Cut off a head, two more will take its place” arrives on the desktop screen. As much you cancel the notification the more same notification will appeared in the screen. It ruins your system and creates trouble in working.

🚀 Visit website: to experience to operate Windows 93

Last Words on Windows 93

At last, I hope you will gain better idea of Windows 93. Besides this, you are aware of Windows 93 secrets and most dangerous virus in Windows 93.

If you are using Windows 93 in your laptop or desktop be careful about the facts. Make a comments and let us know your experience with Windows 93. Also make a comment if you seems something missing, so that I can improve more and more.

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