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Yeggi 3D printer in 3D printing starts from transferring a 3D file to the 3D printer. For an inexperienced model, it’s getting challenging to create such a file. So, they went through some marketplaces and platforms to directly download STL files, which will be compatible with their machine.

Do you ever hear about Yeggi-3D Printer? Yes, Yeggi-3D Printer Model Search Engine is the most comfortable search engine, so many search engines can find complications in working.

Here, Yeggi-3D Printer makes this job easier for you, which allows you to find the 3D model as per your desire among all the available online models.

yeggi 3d printer

Yeggi, developed by Sebastien Karpp in April 2013, now gathers more than 2.3 million 3D models. The number has been growing steadily since the site went live.

Users can download 89.6% of these files for free by typing in the search bar. The site presents a lot of results as per your search.

There you have to choose a suitable 3D model for you or others. Also, the chosen model can be sent to others directly from this platform.

They can download:

  1. Thingiverse,
  2. Cults3D,
  3. MyMiniFactory, etc.

It’s a type of 3D printing by Google.

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Yeggi, a solution for simplifying the search for 3D models

Yeggi offers free, paid, popular, and recently added advanced models in its search criteria. This delivers a more fluid experience, which allows the user to start the 3D printing process quickly at home.

Starting from small motorcycles to extruder protection and various figurines, Yeggi provides everything within it. But, there is a limitation of the search engine for having too few search criteria like why not imagine the object’s categories.

Also,o user may face difficulty in files sorted by printing. The site could offer more options to make it different from other search engines like STLfinder.

STL Finder

However, Yeggi offers to create a free account. The user can create a list of 3D models once the account is activated, and they can follow specific keywords to be informed whenever a new 3D file containing that keyword is published on the platform.

The site also contains many articles to show willingness for their use on 3D printing news worldwide.

For facilitating the user experience, this site brings everything together.

Yeggi 3D Printer: Use For 3D printing

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